1. Product Overview

2. Parts

3. Tools Required

4. Installation

5. Microphone Array Placement

6. Compliance

    A. CE

    B. Plenum


The Ceiling Microphone Array (CMA) Analog-X is the newest and most advanced tri-element CMA addition to our ceiling mic lineup for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications. Flexible and easy to use, the Analog-X is 100% RF immune, optimized for speech-intelligibility, and can daisy-chain for easy installation.


The Analog-X CMA comes with the following parts:

  • Mic Array
  • Junction Box
  • Interface Box & Power Supply

The mic array is made up of 3 components:



Determine placement of an array by its pickup pattern and room characteristics. Adjusting drop-down height from 0 to 7 ft. determines how close an array is to users, and how far its pickup pattern extends.


1. Drop the ceiling tile where you are installing the microphone array.

2. Place the Junction Box in the space above the suspended ceiling where you want to place the microphone array.

3. If mounting, secure screws. You must supply your own screws appropriate to your mounting structure.

Note: Mount ears are pre-installed on the Junction Box, with holes sized for M3 or #6 size screws.

Important: Installer is responsible for making sure structure can support the weight of all equipment. Reinforce ceiling structure as necessary.

4. The holes in the mounts may also be used to attach a Ø3mm (Ø1/8”) safety cable. You must supply your own safety cable.
5. Run the CAT5e/6 cable from the Interface Box location to the Junction Box through the open ceiling to conceal the cable. You must supply your own CAT5e/6 cable.
6. Drill a 7/8” hole in the removed ceiling tile for mic cable pass-through.

7. Place the ceiling adapter in the hole, and pass the drop cable through.
8. Tighten the washer snugly into place against the ceiling adapter.
9. Adjust the length of drop-down for the cable as needed.
10. Slide the collet cap up to the ceiling adapter, and tighten snugly.

11. Connect the Analog-X cable to the Junction Box.
12. Put the tile back into place.

13. Connect Euroblock Phoenix connectors from the Interface Box to the DSP mixer.



This product complies with the requirements of the European Community Directive.


This product meets the UL 2043 plenum-rating standard. This certifies that the product has adequate fire resistance and low smoke-emission characteristics to be mounted and operated in a building’s environmental air spaces, such as above suspended ceilings in an office environment.