The below article outlines the recommended network settings and ports required for Bluesound Professional applications.

Multicast (mDNS) Enabled - Required for Bluesound/NAD + BluOS Player Discovery

QoS/WMM Disabled/Enabled - Will cause certain traffic to be prioritized and potentially cause unfavorable traffic between your players and controller app. Can be beneficial in some environments so testing may be necessary to determine how best to use these router settings.

DHCP Server Enabled - Required to assign an IP Address to each Bluesound Player

IGMP Snooping Enabled/Disabled - To help connect Multicast traffic from source to destination and prevent it from being seen as malicious traffic. Can be detrimental in some networks so results will vary between network equipment.

DHCP Reservation on the IP Address of the Player - To make a more reliable network and connection

NOTE that these settings will need to be applied to all devices on this network. By default, some routers do not route multicast packets. Multicast routing is very different than unicast routing, and it must be specifically configured on all the routers and other network devices in order for multicast packets to be routed between networks.

In addition to the above, the ports used with the BluOS Players are as follows:
Required TCP/IP:
· 80 (HTTP)
· 135 (SMB)
· 139 (SMB)
· 1025 (SMB)
· 445 (CIFS)
· 3400 (UPnP incoming events)
· 443 (Rhapsody, Napster, and SIRIUS Internet Radio)
· 4070 (Spotify incoming events)
· 3689 (DAAP for iTunes Sharing and AirPlay)
· 5353 (mDNS connection to mDNS responder)
Required UDP:
· 136-139 (NetBIOS)
· 2000 (BluOS® Proprietary)
· 1900 (UPnP advertisements / device discovery)
· 1901 (UPnP m-search responses)
· 2869 (UPnP connection to Windows Media Player 11 Network Sharing Service)
· 6969 (Getting Started process)
· 10243 (UPnP connection to Windows Media Player 11 Network Sharing Service)
· 10280-10284 (UPnP connection to Windows Media Player 11 Network Sharing Service)
· 11000 (BluOS® Proprietary)
· 11430 (BluOS® Proprietary)
 · 5354 (mDNS connection to Bonjour)