This article contains an update from Midas regarding the use of Show Files from firmware v1.22.0.

As some of you may be aware we recently experienced an issue with large HD show files that caused the UI application to run out of memory. As such, in V1.21.0 we introduced a temporary fix to allow users to use their show files while we worked on a full fix. 


Now, in V1.22.0 we are introducing a massive show file memory optimisation which changes the way we store the show file to improve memory usage. To give an example of the work done, a show file before this fix that is 6.6MB compressed and 119MB uncompressed is now 426KB and 9.6MB uncompressed. 


It is extremely important to mention here that due to this work, unfortunately any show files created before 1.22.0 (which have been loaded on 1.22.0), cannot be loaded on earlier versions of the HD firmware.  


We wish to notify you upfront of this so you can help your customers understand and answer any questions that may arise.  

We will be notifying users about this via the release notes which will appear on mCloud and the console. We will also include the same information in supporting social media posts on release day. The public launch of V1.22.0 will be Tuesday 15th November.
We have created a Knowledge Base article to inform people about the different ways they can generate a backup of a show file in case they have any reason to load it onto an old version, which you can access via the link below: 


In summary: 


  • All older show files will be upgraded to the new format when loaded on 1.22 or higher. 
  • Any show loaded/created on 1.22.0 or higher will NOT be compatible with previous firmware versions. 
  • Show files created on 1.22.0 or higher cannot be used on earlier versions of firmware.  
  • Users will be notified via social media and release notes on Tuesday 15th November.
  • If users need a version of the show file to load on older versions, they will need to generate backups to achieve this. 
  • Tips for backing up show files are in the KB article.