Update NI Switcher Web Pages

The following steps are to update the switcher web pages for an NI DVXs.  The process essentially copies over the new HTML5 web pages in order for there to be control of the switcher device without using Flash.

  1. Download the dvx_New_Webpages.zip file from this KB entry
  2. Extract the .zip file into the root directory, in MOST cases this is C:\
  3. Open up command prompt or terminal (start, run, cmd)
  4. In command prompt change the directory location to the unzipped file, if the folder is saved on the root directory it will be “cd \dvx_New_Webpages", otherwise change directory to wherever you extracted the file
  5. In command prompt type the following and replace the with the IP address of the Master you are trying to update: “ftp -s:ftpscript.txt"
  6. Once the script has completed running, go to your master's webpage and click on the link “dvx_New_Webpages"

AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-2100HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-2110HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-2150HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-2155HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-3150HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-3155HD
AMX -> Enova DVX -> DVX-3156HD