This article will show you the location of the master SD card for the AMX NX Master range, should you need to replace one.

SD cards

There are 3 different sizes of SD cards used across the product range. These are:

4GB card, part number 38-0003-SA, for the NX-1200

8GB card, part number 38-0011-SA, for the NX-2200/3200/4200 and DGX

16GB card, part number 38-0008-SA, for the DVX

SD cards can be requested through either sales or support. They will be shipped from Polar/AMX with the firmware image pre-installed.

They are available free of charge if your unit is still under warranty, and can be purchased if out of warranty. 

The firmware image is not available on its own to install on your own SD cards.

Once the new card is installed, the NX Master will need to be reconfigured, including reloading the Netlinx code.

SD card locations

SD cards can be located by either removing the lid of the NX-x200 or removing the CPU board from the DGX NX range. They are installed on the SOM card.

Images below show the location, and where appropriate, the correct SD card where there are more than one. 

Note: The DVX requires a full strip down of the unit to access the SD card, so it is recommended this is returned for repair.



DGX NX series

DGXx00 Series