Q: What kind of latency can we expect on NDI | HX compared to the HDMI & SDI outputs on your cameras?

Our cameras can get as low as 50 - 70ms (3-4 frames) on HDMI/SDI and 80-100ms (5-7 frames) on IP outputs.

Q: Does Avonic support NDI | HX & NDI high bandwith?

A: No, they only support NDI | HX due to the fact that it is much more suitable for PRO-AV. NDI high Bandwith would require a more complex 10GB network infrastructure even when using just a few sources where NDI | HX would simply work on most existing networks.

Q: Does NDI | HX have some sort of sync implementation?

A: Yes, NDI | HX has a built-in audio/video sync protocol.

Q: When will the NDI versions of the CM70 series be available for delivery?

expected to ship in Q1 2021.


 Q: Is the CM70-NDI camera compatible with BOSCH systems?

We are not aware of any NDI support within the BOSCH systems. Last time we checked with BOSCH they did not have a plan to support NDI. However, Avonic cameras are already fully compatible with the BOSCH Dicentis and CCS1000 systems, but not with the Next Gen systems.