This article will guide you through the steps of updating firmware on SVSi devices, and some considerations to be aware of during the process.

Locating the correct firmware version

The first step is to ensure you download the correct version for your device(s).

There are some models within the same product range that have the same firmware version number, but the files are for that specific model, and not the full range.


At time of writing, the N2000 series release build is v1.15.18, but the different models have their own version of this build.

N2x35A_Updater_2018-04-10-v1.15.18 - For the N2135A ENC and N2235A DEC

N2xx2A_Updater_2018-04-10-v1.15.18 - For the N2122A ENC and N2222A DEC

If you download the incorrect version for your model, the AMXUpdater software will not locate your devices.

It is also possible for there to be more than one version of a build, that have different dates, so making sure you have the version with the later date is also important.

Updating the firmware

Once downloaded, unzip the files and run the AMXUpdater application. It is also recommended to close down the N-Able software first, if you have it running. 

Upon opening, the software will automatically start discovering the appropriate devices on your network and adding them to the table as and when found.

Note: If you are unable to locate any of your devices, ensure you are running AMXUpdater as Administrator and there can also be instances where a firewall can block their discovery (even if it works in N-Able), so you may need to temporarily disable your firewall while you perform the update.

You also have the option to add your devices by entering an IP range to scan, or import a CSV file that you may have previously used to commission your system in N-Able. The 'CSV Import' and 'Add by IP' option can be found in the top right menu bar.

Now your device list is complete, you can choose one, multiple, or all devices to update. To do so click on each unit to highlight them, holding Ctrl to select a range, or click the first device, hold Shift and select the last device to highlight them all.

Then click 'Update Selected Devices' at the bottom right of the table.

The devices will be highlighted in yellow as AMXUpdater prepares to send the firmware.

Once transferred, they will change to red and show the message 'Waiting for reboot' as the devices complete the update and reboot themselves.

After successfully updating and rebooting, devices will begin to respond and show as highlighted in green with the 'Firmware update completed successfully' message. 

Not all devices will complete and come back online at the same time, so it is important to wait for all units to respond as being updated successfully before closing down AMXUpdater. You can also re-enable your firewall if you had to disable it.

Updates can take up to 15 minutes to complete.