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Modified on: Tue, 22 Jun, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Unite’s USB interface fulfils the purpose of a digital audio interface, meaning it provides an option for connecting the devices to a PC/Mac or Smart TV, etc. No matter whether your Unite TP is configured as master or sub-master, you can play external audio signals to the group via USB-C. You can connect your Unite TP to any computer using a USB-to-USB-C cable. Your computer will recognise the Unite TP as a device for importing and exporting audio. This means you can not only export audio to the Unite TP, but also import or record on a PC everything that was routed to the TP by the group. Incidentally, all mobile Unite devices have these features. This way, you can also permanently connect an individual RP receiver to a PC/Mac to continuously record all signals.

Unite devices can also be charged using a USB-C cable. Please note that pocket devices (TP, RP, RP-T) will not charge as quickly this way as they would when charged in the charging device.

It is possible to see the battery charge time for a device via Menu > System >  Information > Battery > To full.

Plugging in a USB connection to a device when the unit is powered off will power the unit up.

If a device is powered off while the USB is connected it won't turn back on until the USB connection is firstly removed.

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