This article will detail how to load .kit firmware files to AMX devices

Firmware file types

The majority of AMX firmware files are in the form of a .kit file type. There are some exceptions for the Acendo and SVSi product families.

When downloading AMX firmware files, they will be contained within a zip folder. You must extract this in order to be able to update firmware in Netlinx Studio. Contained within the zip file will also be a readme text file. It is recommended you read this first to check for any prerequisites or any special update requirements. 

Loading firmware

Firstly, connect to the desired system in Netlinx Studio and refresh the Online Tree to view the Master and its connected devices.

Next, navigate to the Firmware transfer window. Either select Tools - Firmware Transfers - Send to Netlinx Device, or alternatively, right click on the device you wish to update from the Online Tree and select Firmware Transfer.

You will now be presented with the Firmware Transfer window. From here you can click on the Folder icon and navigate to the folder where the firmware file is stored.

Note: As above, you must extract the kit file from the zip folder first. You are also selecting the Folder, not the file, so when you navigate to the folder, you will not see any .kit files until you click Select Folder.

After selecting the folder, you will see the .kit file(s). Click on the one required.

Finally, set the ID of the Device field to that of your device requiring an update (if you chose the Right click - Firmware transfer option, the Device ID is populated for you), and then click Send.

The firmware will now transfer, and once complete you can click Close. Firmware transfer times vary depending on the file. Your device may also take further time to update before it reboots and comes back online.