This article will guide you through configuring the IP network pass thru of the ICSLAN port on DxLink Tx and Rx modules connected to a DGXx00 Series switcher or DVX-x26x-4K presentation switcher

IP address options

The ICSLAN port can be configured to present either a Public or Private IP address to the connected device, i.e. laptop, touch panel, projector etc.

Public IP - This IP would be from the main LAN, so the connected device will be visible on the main network, and therefore able to be remotely accessed (depending on device capabilities).

Private IP - The IP given to the connected device would come from the DGX's internal ICSLAN DHCP server in the default IP range of 198.18.x.x. This would keep the device off the main network, therefore no remote connection from the LAN would be possible.

Note: This is the IP provided on the ICSLAN port. The IP address of the Tx or Rx module itself can be different, i.e. Rx module has a Private ICSLAN address, but passes a Public address via it's ICSLAN port.

Configure the IP setting

The commands to configure the IP setting are Netlinx commands, and can therefore be issued in a number of different ways, via Netlinx Code, Netlinx Studio's Control a Device or a telnet session on the master.

The commands are sent to the input/output port of the DGX or DVX switcher, and not to the DxLink Tx or Rx directly.





Best practice would be to send these commands in an online event for the switcher, either as commands to individual ports, or to device arrays for the inputs and the outputs

Online Event