This document will guide you through creating a new project in Console AI for a Converge Pro 2 and assigning the resources for your system.

Create a New Project

When you first select New, you will be asked to pick your Project type, either a Converge Pro 2, or a Converge Huddle. Select the Converge Pro 2.

Note: The Converge Huddle will automatically add any available P-Link devices and allow you to configure the system properties. You cannot assign additional resources but you may remove any you do not require. 

Selecting your devices

Console AI will now present you with the window to add your Converge Pro 2 device(s) and any required P-Link device(s).

You can link up to 12 Converge Pro 2 devices together via their C-Link ports.

P-Link devices can be linked up to the following quantities for each Pro 2 in your system.

Beamforming Mic Array 2/BMA CT - 3 (models can be mixed)

USB Expander - 3

Dialog 20 - 3

GPIO Expander - 3

Bluetooth Expander - 1

Configure Device Settings

Click on the Cog icon of the Pro 2 to access the Device Settings menu. From here you can configure the Device Name, Network settings and VoIP/IP-Phone/Telco (options vary depending on the model selected).

You can also re-name your P-Link devices by selecting their Cog icons, or use the naming section within the main project flow (see below for details).

Assigning Resources in FlowView

After choosing your devices, you will be taken to FlowView where you can now assign your resources and begin configuring the system.

All resources are listed on the left hand side and can be dragged onto the FlowView canvas individually, in a block (Click the first item, hold Shift key and click the last item in the block), or in a group (hold Ctrl key while selecting the items).

Assigned Resources become greyed out but can also be removed from the list after selection if required by ticking the Assigned Resource - Hide checkbox. 

Device Naming

After you have assigned resources you can re-name them to something relevant for your system by clicking on the Naming button, highlighted in the below image.

This will provide you with a new window to re-name all devices in one place.