Q: What is the latency on HDMI out?
A: The latency at 4K30fps is about 8 frames (with the 60fps video playing that translates into 128ms). When using 1080p30 the latency is ~10 frames, so approximately 160ms.

Q: What options are there for software control of camera presets? Does a specific application/ plugin exist?
A: We aren't aware of any UVC based preset recall options in current conferencing software applications. For the CM22 you can create and recall presets (including the home preset) via the included remote.

Q: Could a 3rd party control system w/ IR emitter be used for preset recall?
A: Yes that would work if the IR emitter is placed on the front side of the camera. The housing is made of plastic and somewhat transparent allowing for IR signals to pass through to the sensor. We recommend to test this before installation.  

Q: What is distance between mounting holes on the mounting bracket?
A: It's 73mm centre-centre.

Q: Is warranty extendable up to 5 years?
A: Yes, the CM22 comes with 3 years warranty and we offer an options to extend to 5 years.

Q: Is it possible to invert the camera image?
A: Yes, this would need to be configured in the menu using the remote control.

Q: Do the two internal microphones mic's feature noise cancellation?

A: Yes. 

Q: What is the polar pattern of the built-in microphones?

A: Cardioid.

Q: What is approximate microphone coverage?

A: 4 metres maximum, on axis. Please contact POLAR to discuss if there are concerns regarding the acoustics of the environment.

Q: Is the internal microphone audio output on both the USB and HDMI connections?

A: No, the HDMI output is camera image only. Audio is only transported via the USB connection.