This document will detail how to route the 8 input and 8 output channels of Dante audio within the DVX-3266-4K and DVX-2265-4K using the Web UI.

Note: Before routing Dante signals internally, you will first need to route your Dante source(s) to the DVX using the Audinate Dante Controller software.

1. Log into the Web UI

2. Navigate to the Configuration menu under the Switcher heading

3. Routing a Dante input to an HDMI/DxLink output

Once on the Configuration page, select the Switch Mode "Audio". 

Next add the HDMI/DxLink output to an Output Group using the Audio Group drop down within the Mode section.

You will then see the HDMI/DxLink output within this group.

You can now select the Input of the Dante source, select the Output Group, and click on the "Take" button at the bottom of the page.