Product Overview: AV Over IP - the AV Matrix Transformation

Evolved from decades of experience in video encoding and IP networking, ZeeVee's Zyper AV over IP product lines enable AV and IT integrators to rapidly deploy AV solutions of unlimited scale, unsurpassed performance, and unrivaled reliability over industry-standard IP networks. A robust feature set includes built-in support for video walls, multi-view, zones, signal transport over copper or fiber, and a network management platform that speeds and simplifies system set-up and expansion.

The intention of this article is to highlight some of the key uses cases and examples of which the ZyperUHD or Zyper4K ecosystem can be deployed within.

AV Routing & Switching: Point-to-Point

ZeeVee AV over IP products are a direct replacement for AV Matrix [HDbaseT] solutions. Leverage IP infrastructure to route AV signals in offices, huddle rooms, conference rooms, or as content contribution [trunking] between locations. ZeeVee's AV over IP products provide a level of flexibility and scalability above HDbaseT. Using ZeeVee is simple: add an encoder at the source, a decoder at the display, connect them to a managed Ethernet switch and use the Zyper Management Platform for central control.

AV Routing & Switching: One-to-Many

Distributing a single source of content to any number of displays is simple with ZeeVee. Simply, place an encoder at the source, decoders at the displays, and connect them over a standard ethernet managed switch - whether it is located in the next room, or kilometers away.

AV Routing & Switching: Many-to-Many

Effeciently deliver high-quality, low latency, AV to many displays to an entire floor, between multiple floors, or across an entire organisation. ZeeVee allows organisations to take content from multiple encoders and deliver it to any decoder(s) connected to the same managed ethernet switch; scalable from a single huddle room to the largest AV distribution deployments in the world, with hundreds of endpoints.

AV Routing & Switching: Videowall

A video wall tiles together multiple screens to seamlessly create one large "wall". With HDbaseT this requires not only a matrix switch but also additional video processors to synchronise and display content across all screens - adding unnecessary cost and complexity. ZeeVee AV over IP products deliver not only flexibility and scalability, but they also allow the creation of video walls without the need for additional processors.

AV Routing & Switching: Multi-view

Creating multiviews within a single display traditionally requires additional hardware and configuration. ZeeVee's Zyper4K product line supports multiview natively without the need for other processors and the Zyper Management Platform makes designing and deploying multi-view content simple and effective.