Skype for Business (S4B) is no longer supported by CONSOLE AI.

Q1. Is S4B supported in CONSOLE AI?

No, Skype for Business (S4B) is being replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Q2. Will S4B be supported in a future CONSOLE AI release?

No, we are focused on supporting Microsoft Teams with our products moving forward.

Q3. What if I have a system that uses S4B?

Continue to use Pro CONSOLE v6.5.5.0 and CP2 Firmware v6.0.33.0 on systems with S4B. You can have both Pro CONSOLE and CONSOLE AI installed on the same computer.

Q4. What if I am installing a new system that will use S4B?

Use Pro Console v6.5.5.0 and CP2 Firmware v6.0.33.0.  You may need to downgrade the CP2 units to v6.0.33.0 if they have come from the factory with newer firmware.

Q5. What if I open an old project in CONSOLE AI that already has S4B enabled?

A message will be displayed indicating that S4B is not supported in this version and the S4B settings will be removed from the project.

Q6. Using CONSOLE AI, can I load an old project with S4B enabled to hardware that has firmware version v6.0.33.0?

No, you cannot use Console AI to load a project that has S4B enabled. Use Pro CONSOLE v6.5.5.0 for projects with S4B.

Q7. Can I still use VoIP with CONSOLE AI?

Yes, VoIP is fully functional.