The UNITE platform from Beyerdynamic is a versatile and multi-faceted audio platform with robust scope for it's application.

The purpose of this guide is to de-mystify the various operating modes and terminology used within the UNITE eco-system. As well as highlight the broad potential the platform holds for a plethora of use cases.

When first being introduced to the UNITE platform, you may soon start to have questions in your mind form such as:

- What is the difference between Broadcast and Full-Duplex mode?

- What is a master?

- What is a sub-master?

- What is the relationship between Master/Sub-Master devices?

- How does all this work together?

- Who am I?

In fact, the answers to all these questions are deceptively simple - and are detailed perfectly into an easily understandable set of diagrams illustrating each concept.

Please download the PDF for full details on all technical applications possible with UNITE.